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For a few years now, it has been my business to put weather statistics into context with a few graphs and charts littered with photos and explanatory blurbs. I # ve decided that the Bordeaux 2019 update is here, so it's time for Ibebe to dedicate a special article to adults trying to escape the rain in B-Wine Land. What do you do with your children in Bordeau when it rains, kids?

Instead of complaining about the weather, if you're a wine lover, use it as an opportunity for wine tasting. Although I wouldn't discourage anyone from going to Paris at least once, I believe Bordeaux is just as attractive and would be a great addition to any trip to France. It is the wine capital and if you want to see everything, you can combine a trip to Bodeaux with a few days in Paris. I don't mind spending a few days there as long as I'm a wine lover, but I'm not a big fan of rain.

If you need further suggestions for a Bordeaux route, please join the Bodeaux Travel Facebook group to ask questions. When you're in Bordecaux for the first time, think about what you like and get ready to spend a few days in Paris and a few days in the city.

Bordeaux offers some of the most beautiful views of France's most famous city in the world, and you can extend your 4 days in Bordeux to visit Europe's largest sand dunes, or follow our route to ensure you experience the best of both. To find the perfect accommodation for your long weekend in and around Bordecaux, read our guide to the best accommodation in or near Bodeaux. You can also end your trip with a night or two in one of our hotels in Paris, Paris or Paris - Saint-Germain.

Bordeaux Cathedral had a difficult time during the Revolution when it was stripped of its decoration and almost all the decorations you see today come from other buildings. We wind our way through the partly destroyed cloister, where the Cremant de Bordeux was made in 1892.

These graphics and images are intended to give Bordeaux enthusiasts an insight into how the best vintages are produced and why there are regional differences. Daily temperature and rainfall statistics were taken from six weather stations in and around Bodeaux to obtain a local table drawn up by the growers "association. Here is the 30-year average for the whole of Bordesaux in brackets, and here is followed by a graph of the average annual temperature over the last 30 years.

Here is the history of the vintages, which were compiled from daily statistics from six different weather stations in Bordeaux. The June weather guide for Bordesaux, France shows long-term weather averages processed from Browse data. The measurements of the six weather stations in and around Bodeaux were carried out from July to June, a period commonly referred to as "the most important month for wine production in the region."

Based on these values, the warmest months for visiting Bordeaux are early June and late September, and the hottest months when you look at them are July, August and then June. It is useful to note the lack of rain in these months in reverse: August, July and September are then August dry weather, so sunny it is in June or July so that grapes can form.

In Bordeaux, the average temperature rises slightly in June, but is above average in July, August and September and slightly below average in September.

France Meteo reports that the average temperature in France is 23.6 degrees Celsius, compared with the 30-year average of 21 degrees Celsius. According to the tourism forecast, the best time to visit Bordeaux in warm weather is from the beginning of June to the end of September, and based on these values, it is the beginning of July and the end of August. The best time of the year for the warmest weather and the most pleasant activities for visitors to Bodeaux are from the end of June to the end of October.

The first spring blooms in Bordeaux will appear from the spring of 28 March, the end of April and the beginning of May and the end of May and the beginning of June, simply because of the increasing temperatures. Summer time (summer time) is observed in France from spring (29 March) to autumn (31 October) and lasts 7.1 months.

In Bordeaux, there is no shortage of companies that bottle one or two bottles in the summer months, such as Chateauneuf - du - Pape, Saint - Germain - sur - Seine and St - Etienne. The interest in the French wine industry is so great that even one company releases a bottle of wine from two bottles at the end of each summer month to taste it.

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More About Bordeaux