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While Jadon Sancho and Keiran Trippier have caught the attention of English players who know their trade in the UK, a young Englishman is in Ligue 1 a year ago. Brazilian midfielder Wendel scored twice as Bordeaux recovered from two consecutive defeats to beat Saint-Etienne to maintain a three-point lead in the French league.

The 20-year-old striker has an impressive history, having overcome the odds to become a professional and make it to the French first division. Maja, who joined Bordeaux in January 2019, was finally healthy before a knee injury robbed him of the chance to flourish in a young squad. After a successful loan spell at Lille, which he took part in in pre-season, he seems set for another big season in France.

The PSG-Lyon match was lost on the opening weekend and postponed until September 16 due to the Champions League. So do not travel without tickets for any of the games - The match against main rivals Marseille will be sold out, the one against Lille.

You can arrange a visit to a winery or castle or arrange a full tour that includes a trip to Bordeaux and France. Wine tours are offered daily from Bordesaux, and other options for a day trip include the lovable coastal town known for its oysters. Guests also have access to the old castle and the wineries that produce Bodeaux Superieur wines, as well as a number of restaurants and hotels.

The train takes 40-50 minutes and you can take it to Arcachon for about 7 euros, or there is a train from Bordeaux to Massy that takes about 20 minutes by train and 30 minutes by bus. For taxi services, you can pre-book with one of the companies or go directly to the taxi rank at Bordesaux airport.

The European Bike Express (# 16) runs on the route north of Leeds and stops in the UK at Dover. You can cycle from Bordeaux to Manchester, Manchester to London, London to Paris and back.

Buses go to the southern part of Quai Richelieu, but you have to see the must see - see Bordeaux: The Champs-Elysees, the Seine - Saint-Germain - du Rhone and the Stade de France. Enjoy the view of the city from the south - west, from the Chateau - des - Montparnasse and from St - Pierre - de - Beauvoir.

In 2018, the European University Sports Association (EUSA) awarded the university the title of best university in sport. The Bordeaux campus is the largest in France and ranked first in Europe in 2018 with an average annual visitor of 1.5 million. Bordeaux is more than just wine: it is about sport and the high-flying of the world's best athletes. In short, there is no better place to sit and marvel twice than the largest and most prestigious sports centre of the University of France. This is not a museum of Bordesaux wine, but it is a museum of the whole of Europe.

The Excellence Initiative is led by multidisciplinary, research-oriented international institutions and the University of Bordeaux 24, located just a few kilometres south of the city, offers the largest and most modern sports centre of its kind in Europe. With an average annual attendance of 1.5 million, the University of Bordesaux is one of the leading universities in France and is a campus of excellence, which has received significant funding from the French government since 2011 and has become one of the most prestigious sports centres in the European Union. It is the first French university to receive the 2016 approval of this programme, and the second largest university in France in terms of annual visitors.

Bordeaux has a lot to offer, whether you are planning your shopping or looking for cultural activities, it has a lot to offer. Bordesaux is a great place to practice ice skating, from roller skates to roller skates to ice skating and from ice hockey to lacrosse.

If you want to hang out with friends in a bar or watch a football match, head to La Victoire, as most of the city's pubs and bars are located here. As mentioned, Bordeaux is very flat and has many cycle paths, so you can get around the city very easily by bike. Booking a car rental in Bordesaux ensures that your passengers can travel around the country without having to give up luggage space. It allows you to navigate through all the difficulties And you can concentrate on enjoying your time in and around Bordeau.

Bordeaux is known for its wines, which are among the best in the world, so raise a glass and raise your glass, because it makes you one of the most famous wine lovers in France.

Bordeaux has a number of hostels that can be worth a visit for a few nights, but don't forget to book in advance. To qualify, you must be a student in Bordeau and purchase an ID card. You will need a valid passport (if you qualify) and a good credit card with a minimum amount of $100.

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