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We are always trying to recommend English - speaking castles that make your trip to Bordeaux special. We have compiled a guide to help you plan a trip through this beautiful wine region. Learn about all the important appellations of B-wine in the region and taste the best wines from each of them on a single trip. Learn all the important Bordeaux appellations in Bodeaux, but taste them all in one visit.

The area is located within 50 km of Bordeaux and is of course a popular destination for anyone looking for a winery in France. Despite the famous names, some of the region's lesser-known vineyards, such as the Chateau de Bodeaux, can be surprisingly affordable.

Bordeaux is a welcoming city that offers you many opportunities and cultural delights that will make you feel at home at all times. If you want to live somewhere central or in a quieter location, there are many Bordeux properties that meet your needs.

In addition to the many museums and monuments, Bordeaux has many free places and sights. Like many Bordeux restaurants, many are available in the free LaFourchette app, which you can download before you travel. Many of them offer a wide selection of wines, some blended with local wines such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chablis, as well as wines from other regions of France.

Much of the old town of Bordeaux is car-free, but the compact city is easily explored on foot and there is an excellent tram system to get from the airport to the city centre. Forget the Gare de Bordesaux in Saint-Jean and get into the city centre at the airport or take the Ligne 1 bus, which leaves Saint Jean-sur-Loire Airport at 10: 30 on weekdays and 15: 00 on Saturdays and Sundays. This provides access to all amenities and activities, allowing you to get to and from Bordeux easily and quickly.

There are also other airports in Bordeaux, including Saint Jean-sur-Loire airport in Saint-Jean, which is within 100 kilometers of Bordesaux. Located in the wine-growing region of southern France, just outside the city centre, it is a melting pot in which it has traditionally been dominated by various immigrants of all nationalities who have come here to start a new life, from all over France.

In the rue Sainte Catherine lived some famous people, such as Montesquieu, who during his stay in Bordeaux let his efficient wife manage the castle of Chateau de la Brede in the countryside. For this special purpose, the Bordesaux house planned a family consisting of both parents and three children.

The Cours de l'intendantance is called Intendant Bordeaux, which was built there in the 18th century. The Chateau de Trompette, which was demolished when it became the property of the city of Bordesaux, was built. In the grounds of this magnificent 17th century Bordereaux chateau, which is in good condition, there are about 150 hectares of vineyards.

None of the Grand Cru Classe estates are located here, but some notable wines have been produced here. The vineyards of Bordeaux produce 55% of the world's most popular wines, sell 700 million bottles a year and produce more than 2.5 million barrels of wine a year. Many of the world's most famous wines come from this World Heritage site, which is listed as one of France's 10 most important wine regions.

Bordeaux is a wine region divided into three regions: the left bank, the north, east and south and the south. Just north and east of South Bordeau is one of the most famous wine-growing regions in the world, the Grand Cru Classe. The city of Bordesaux is located on the left bank and its most famous vineyards are in this region. All small dry white wines are produced within the limits of the appellation and must be labelled as "Bodeaux Blanc."

We tasted some of the best and oldest vintages and met passionate cellar masters and castle owners who produce our favorite wines.

As ambassadors, we have been able to put together our personal guide to all the activities in Bordeaux where we can stay, drink, eat and enjoy. Check in regularly to see if new things are added, and that's why we're the world's leading English-language B-wine blog. See all our contributions about what we have seen and done in and around Bodeaux and where we ate, drank, made and enjoyed.

Known as the Port of the Moon, Bordeaux is home to some of France's most historic buildings and one of the most popular tourist attractions. The Bordeau real estate market therefore offers a lot of potential for new buyers and a wide range of properties for sale in the city. Bodeaux, which was included on the 2017 list and is visited by Lonely Planet cities, is in the spotlight not only for its wine but also for tourism.

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More About Bordeaux