Bordeaux France Attractions

Everything you can do in Bordeaux and discover the 10 best places to visit in and around Bordeaux: from the best restaurants and bars to the most popular restaurants in the city.

Of course, there are many, many more attractions and events to visit, but we have compiled a list of the best things to do in Bordeaux, and a few other off-the-beaten-track things that only locals know. We are adding more and more, so you should look at these things and do them if you live in or around Bordeaux.

If you want to visit events in Bordeaux and the Nouvelle Aquitaine region at the weekend, join the Bordeau Travel Facebook group. We recommend using the Rue Vignerons website to book easily and we recommend using it to book your Bodeaux wine tour. Find out more about the Medoc castles you visit in our guide to Bordesaux, as well as a list of the best restaurants and wine bars in the region. For more information about events in and around the city, visit our Facebook group "Bordeaux Travel."

If you decide to visit the vineyards, our guide to the Chateau Wineries in Bordeaux will give you all the information you need for an unforgettable experience.

There are several child-friendly swimming pools in the metropolis of Bordeaux, two of which are not far from the city centre. For more activities for children in Bodeaux, check out our list of the top 30 things to do with your child in and around Bordesaux.

Located on Place Champs-Mars, this is one of the best activities in Bordeaux on a beautiful hot summer day. For architecture and art history lovers, this is definitely a must, and there are definitely plenty of things to see and do in and around this proud old town. Visitors will be impressed by all the attractions Bordesaut has to offer and will find plenty to see and experience in the city centre.

Bordeaux can be visited with the help of a warm and quirky guide named Bruno. You can also take a look at our city guide and our city guides for the city centre and other areas of Bordesaut.

Libourne is one of the best cities in Bordeaux and can be visited without going far if you do not want to walk. If you go, you can visit it with the help of our city guides for the city center and other areas of Bordesaut. For those of you who do not want to walk, Bordereaux also has an extensive public transport system.

If you prefer to travel by train, check out our 10-day trip to Bordeaux, or consider a week-long tour of France that includes two days in Bordesaux, followed by the Loire Valley and Paris. If you want to see everything, you can combine your trip to Bordereaux and from there with a few days to Paris. There are many other things to do in and around Bordsaux, whether you prefer to stay in the city centre or head to Aracachon to visit some of the best restaurants, wine bars and restaurants in France and many other places.

It is also worth noting that several Bordeaux museums offer free admission every first Sunday of the month. If you visit Bordesaux on this day, you can enjoy free admission to museums and exhibitions throughout the day.

If you only have time for a day trip to Saint-Emilion, there are many villages you can include in your Bordeaux itinerary. If you plan to visit the city centre or use public transport only once during your visit to Bordesaux, you can relax by train. You can also book a guided tour of Bodeaux by choosing from one of the many free public transport services in the area.

To travel Bordeaux on a budget, we strongly recommend that you stay in Bordesaux for at least two days, and preferably longer. If you want to rent or recommend a car (which we recommend if you want to see a little more of Aquitaine and Dordogne), we strongly recommend you to visit our online partner Rentalcars.

If you don't want to go over budget, the city centre with its hostels and bars is the best place to stay in Bordeaux. There are many small hotels and B & Bs if you book early enough, and they are also a good choice in and around Bordesaux.

You can easily spend a day in the centre of Bordeaux, where there is so much to see and do. From immersion in the world - the wine museum of Bordesaux towers above - to interference in the crowds on the beautiful Pont de Pierre - the wine city B awaits tourists with a colourful mix of attractions. The visit to the castle includes a beautiful garden designed by the same designer as the Jardin Public, as well as a visit to one of the castles.

More About Bordeaux

More About Bordeaux