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Bordeaux may not be a beautiful beach, but right here in the south-west of France there is a very different beach - a beach with lots of people and lots of art.

It is also one of the most photographed places in the city, so you should definitely try it when visiting Bordeaux. I think it is the best and most beautiful place to watch the sunset in France and also in the world. Whisky distilleries are not found anywhere else in the world, but they are found all over the country and even in other parts of Europe. It is a Mecca for wine lovers and it is certainly what attracts me to visit this city every time I visit it.

Lost in Bordeaux helps you enjoy the city and the region in many ways, so follow me on my Facebook page for more information on activities and attractions. If you want to get an idea of what is happening in the street art scene in Bodeaux, I have a Street Art Bordesaux Facebook page which provides valuable information about the following exhibitions and artists. Learn more about visiting the Medoc castles in my guide to Bordoaux and book a wine tour with B-wine. For more information on events in and around Baulton - Nouvelle - Aquitaine this weekend, visit the Bordeau Travel Facebook group.

To tell you this story, all the activities and attractions I visited were in partnership with Bordeaux Tourisme. All visits are discounted with the Bodeaux Metropole City Pass and cost 10 euros per person. A 72-hour pass gives you discounted admission to all the city's attractions, as well as free parking and free admission to museums and restaurants.

The Museum Pass of Bordeaux is more interesting for people who live here and visit the city regularly. There are at least some that tickle the imagination, but there are many more, such as the Bodeaux Metropole Museum and the Musee de l'Arts.

The Bordeaux City Pass covers most of this, but we've included some of our favorites that are worth the admission fee, such as the Bodeaux Metropole Museum and the Museum de l'Arts.

If you only have time for a day trip to Saint-Emilion, there are many villages you can include in your Bordeaux itinerary. If you take the train, you can also get a guided city tour of Bodeaux for just $20, or you can even take a train from downtown to the village of Saint-Emilion for just $30. And if you plan to visit one of the other major cities in France, such as Paris or Marseille, and use public transport only once during your visit to Bordesaux, you will recover much faster.

Cycling in Bordeaux is a great way to explore many of the sights of Bordesaux, especially if you don't arrive in time. Even if we don't rent a car, we make many of our day trips a breeze, and that makes many a day trip a breeze.

If you plan to stay in Bordeaux for a while, it is a pretty smart move to get a museum card, especially if you are going to stay. Believe me when I say that you should skip the outdoor bus tours and explore Bordesaux by bike instead.

If you need more ideas and activities for children, have a look at our list of 30 activities you can do with your children in Bordeaux. When you visit Bordesaux for the first time, don't miss out, there are so many great places to discover and discover new things. See if you can cross the river in the town of Saint-Germain-sur-Loire and see for yourself the breathtaking views of Bordogne and the city of Paris.

The art history department will be completed by linking up with the Bordeaux Art Museum, the Museum de l'Art de Bordesaux and the Museum de la Cote d'Azur.

The Bassins de Lumieres is the largest digital arts centre in the world and is housed in what is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Bordeaux. It is truly exquisite, with a green-tinted champagne room inspired by the original design of the Palace of Versailles by Louis XIV in the 18th century. Contemporary art is often overlooked in the Bordeau, but serious progress is being made in the creation of a new museum of contemporary art and culture. With the opening of this museum, Bordesaux will add what is already an impressive range of museums to what is said to be the largest collection of modern art in Europe and the second largest in France.

Bordeaux is currently part of the National Museum of Art and Culture of the Republic of France, the only part occupied by an art exhibition. The exhibition in the main basin this year is Gustav Klimt's Gold Colors, which illuminates a century of Viennese art with portraits, landscapes, nudes, colors and gildings.

More About Bordeaux

More About Bordeaux